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Half man, half wolf. LANDWOLF, a Matt Furie creation unlike any that came before. He’s just a cool dude who loves to hang out with his friends, eat pizza, and play video games. Watch out for the full moon: that’s when Landwolf transforms into a party animal, roaming the streets looking for adventure.

As Matt continued to draw Landwolf, he realized that this character was truly something special. He is featured on the first page of the iconic comic series, “The Boy’s Club,” alongside the other memorable characters Pepe, Andy, and Brett.

Landwolf quickly became a fan favorite, as people all over the world fell in love with his laid-back attitude and bad-boy wild side. He began appearing in memes, fan art, and most recently being immortalized forever on the blockchain with his own memecoin.

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$WOLF coin is for the People. Landwolf is backed by a strong vibrant community, who quickly developed into an unstoppable force.

No Taxes, LP is burned & contract renounced. A massive community fund was donated by its holders, available to view at wolfbank.eth. Whether you’re a fan of the comic series or just looking for a good howl, we’ve got something you can sink your teeth into. Join the $WOLF Pack!

Landwolf is available on Ethereum

Landwolf Treasury

The 0x67 $WOLF token on the ethereum blockchain is completely community-driven, with no dev token allocation and all contributions coming directly from within the incredibly strong 0x67 community.
A staggering 96,000,000,000 $WOLF tokens were donated from the top holder, sent to the community treasury available to view at wolfbank.eth. The current value of the treasury stands at $5,825,550, allowing the project to fund Tier 1 Exchange listings and make marketing plays as it continues to grow.
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